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Rabbit Hole - audiobook content, plus bonus material about how it was created, interviews with the cast, a mock interview with June French, and more.

From fictional author June French (with some assistance from nonfictional author Julia Whelan) comes the sweeping Romance project narrated by characters Sewanee Chester and Nick "Brock McNight" Sullivan in Thank You For Listening:

"The descendant of Giacomo Casanova, Alessandro is a trained expert in the art of love and carrying on his family's 200 year-old name and tradition. The one woman he's always wanted, Claire, is the one woman he could never have — until now. For three days, he will give her everything she wants, everything she imagines, and everything she didn’t think was possible… Everything, that is, except forever."

NOTE: This is a SPICY listen. If you blushed while reading Thank You For Listening, this one will turn you crimson. Then again, maybe it won’t! Maybe, like the heroine, you’re ready to push some personal boundaries. You might even enjoy that. Still: consider yourself warned.

Casanova, LLC is the audio series that first appeared in Thank You For Listening, the last novel of iconic (fictional) author June French, written for and performed by her nephew, Nick, and her first audiobook narrator, Sewanee. Fans of Thank You For Listening kept saying that they wished they could listen to this story, so… here we are. Julia is just as surprised as you. What began as a joke of a Romance novel premise – a second-chance love story… with a gigolo… descended from Giacomo Casanova – evolved into an intimate exploration of two people who eventually find their way back to not only each other, but also themselves. Casanova LLC is performed by Julia Whelan and Sebastian York (who says, “tell them it’s really Erotic Fiction with an HEA”) and Edoardo Ballerini (who graciously let Julia rope him into this) and Johnathan McClain (who gives an Audie-worthy cameo performance, if only such a category existed).

"Casanova LLC is destined to be an instant romance classic! I've never had my toes curl so hard while listening to an audiobook. Casanova LLC has a killer premise, unforgettable characters, and a Venetian setting so vivid you can taste the food and feel the sun-baked stones under your feet. Julia Whelan delivers exquisite prose and immaculate chemistry. She is spellbinding as an elegant and vulnerable Claire, and Sebastian York smolders as the filthily tender Alessandro — and the duet narration between the two of them is incandescent. The story shivers with sensuality from start to finish (...and I do mean finish). All of my spicy Julia Whelan dreams have come true! Five stars!”

Sierra Simone, USA Today bestselling author of Priest and A Merry Little Meet Cute

"Casanova LLC is an absolute winner. It is hilarious, charming, sexy, and sweet, with one of the best audio productions I've ever heard. I canceled plans so I could keep listening. Julia Whelan outdid herself with this one.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid, New York Times bestselling author of Daisy Jones & The Six and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

"Casanova LLC is Julia Whelan's sexiest, most dazzling book yet!”

Abby Jimenez, New York Times Bestselling author of Yours Truly

"Casanova LLC miraculously manages to be everything you could possibly want from a book! Enthralling, escapist, wise, witty, feminist, romantic, lavishly erotic, and beautifully, beautifully written. And then performed at a level of perfection that is truly mind-blowing.”

Allison Larkin, internationally bestselling author of The People We Keep

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Wingfield
You have done it again

Julia freaking Whelan. You have done it again. This story captured my heart. The narration was perfection. Personally, I tend to not listen to Sebastian York narration so I was unsure how I'd feel about this duet. BUT OMG I was blown away.

A very random thought that I don't know, maybe others think about, but usually I don't feel one way or the other about the forward from the author but I loved hearing the who, whats, whys things happened. Why other characters/different narrations were added when Thank You For Listening only had 2 characters doing the narration for Casanova LLC. It was so interesting.

As always, the vibes were vibing.

Brianna Acuesta

Seriously. Buy this. I’m simultaneously in love and highly satisfied with the spice.

Smart, Funny, Depraved

This was completely addicting. Julia Whelan is a talent and I just can’t get enough of her voice and writing! What a treasure. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to relisten.

Jenny Gooch
What?! What?!

Excellent! Wonderful! Stupendous! Fun! Exciting!

Utter Perfection!

As soon as I found out that the fictional book “Casanova LLC” embedded in Julia Whelan’s (incredible) novel Thank You for Listening was an actual audio-only book written and co-narrated by Julia Whelan herself, I was over the moon with excitement. The clips alone of Casanova LLC in Thank You for Listening were enough to make a girl feral. I knew I needed more ASAP…

…and boy, oh boy did she freaking deliver. Casanova LLC was flawless from start to finish—I simply could not stop listening (apologizes to my family for the temporary neglect) and finished the audio in less than 24 hours.

While a “Casanova” plot line is hardly new and might feel very Harlequin novel-esque, I can assure you that the way this story unfolds and develops, it is far from it. The pacing and cliffhangers of each episode kept me hooked, and the connection between Alessandro and Claire is so complex, I truly felt each emotion just as deeply as the characters on the page. The realistic dialogue, vulnerability, humor, witty banter, sensuality—all of it was absolute perfection. I loved how Julia dove into the deeply rooted power dynamics around wealth, money, art, sex, and that which exists between men and women—she handled each topic with the grace and care it deserved.

Moreover, Julia has an amazing ability to create such vivid, descriptive scenes in a way that is truly immersive, especially in an audio format. I would be remiss not to mention the stellar performances by Julia’s co-narrators Sebastian York (Alessandro), Johnathan McClain (Richard aka Dickface) and Edoardo Ballerini (Jacobo), who brought it to life.

And if none of that has convinced you, let me take a moment to sing the praises of all of the delectably spicy scenes that had me simultaneously panting and breathless—Julia, I didn’t know you had that in you— and I am 100% here for it (please don’t ever stop).

*TLDR; go buy this audiobook, I promise you it will be the best one you’ve listened to in a long time (ever?)!