Audiobrary is her brainchild, born of her experience as an award-winning author and audiobook narrator. Until such time as Audiobrary becomes a brand in its own right, she’ll have her name on the shingle.

Absolutely. The goal of Audiobrary is to create a platform that feels like its namesake, where you can follow your curiosity wherever it may lead. So in addition to the audiobooks we produce, we’ll give those audiobooks context: lectures and interviews, discussions with experts and artists, and an invitation to explore the broad connections of
life and literature. It's essentially an audio tour of Julia Whelan's brain. Welcome!

No. Julia will also curate other narrators and creators to contribute a wide and diverse range of projects.

Three reasons:

One: A lot of Audiobrary content will be exclusive to Audiobrary.

Two: Other platforms don't have an interface that supports atypical audio projects like, for example, narrative/nonfiction hybrids or scripted episodics.

Three: Real talk here. When you distribute an audiobook widely, distributors take the majority of the sale. We’re talking up to 75%. That's not a typo. When you buy through Audiobrary, no separate distributing entity takes a cut from the people who created the audio.

NOTE: Please take the time to read or listen to the About page for a more in-depth
understanding of why we’re creating this company.

Create an account and make purchases directly on this website.

After your first purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to download the Audiobrary app onto your phone. When you open the app, you will be asked to log-in with your account info. You will then have access to your purchases. Once you’ve downloaded the app, any future purchases will appear there automatically.

No. The app is the only way to access your purchases. This protects both you and us from piracy.


Nope. We believe you’ll like it! It's intuitive and user-friendly. It will function like other audio apps you’ve used and even better in some respects.

Just send us a message in the contact section and we will address your concerns as quickly as possible. You can also call or text us using the phone number provided in the contact section if you require a more immediate response. But please only do so if you feel your issue is urgent. We’re a small team at the moment.

Yes, we do. And we would love to stop playing that game. We believe we can let that penny go.

Not yet, but it will be coming soon. We want to have enough content to make it worth your while. We also believe that once you become a customer of Audiobrary, and understand the who, what, and why of our mission, you’ll want to become a member.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Otherwise, please go to the About page for a more in depth understanding of Audiobrary.