Casanova LLC

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Edition: Original

Format: Episodic

An 8 Episode Audio Experience launching Valentine’s Day 2024

Original - audiobook content only
Rabbit Hole - audiobook content, plus bonus material about how it was created, interviews with the cast, a mock interview with June French, and more.

Episodic - released in 8 episodes, 1 per week
Fast Track - entire content immediately available

From fictional author June French (with some assistance from nonfictional author Julia Whelan) comes the sweeping Romance project narrated by characters Sewanee Chester and Nick "Brock McNight" Sullivan in Thank You For Listening:

"The descendent of Giacomo Casanova, Alessandro is a trained expert in the art of love and carrying on his family's 200 year-old name and tradition. The one woman he's always wanted, Claire, is the one woman he could never have — until now. For three days, he will give her everything she wants, everything she imagines, and everything she didn’t think was possible… Everything, that is, except forever."

NOTE: This is a SPICY listen. If you blushed while reading Thank You For Listening, this one will turn you crimson. Then again, maybe it won’t! Maybe, like the heroine, you’re ready to push some personal boundaries. You might even enjoy that. Still: consider yourself warned.

Casanova, LLC is the audio series that first appeared in Thank You For Listening, the last novel of iconic (fictional) author June French, written for and performed by her nephew, Nick, and her first audiobook narrator, Sewanee. Fans of Thank You For Listening kept saying that they wished they could listen to this story, so… here we are. Julia is just as surprised as you. What began as a joke of a Romance novel premise – a second-chance love story… with a gigolo… descended from Giacomo Casanova – evolved into an intimate exploration of two people who eventually find their way back to not only each other, but also themselves. Casanova LLC is performed by Julia Whelan and Sebastian York (who says, “tell them it’s really Erotic Fiction with an HEA”) and Edoardo Ballerini (who graciously let Julia rope him into this) and Johnathan McClain (who gives an Audie-worthy cameo performance, if only such a category existed).

Customer Reviews

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Kellie Gillespie

Do yourself a favor: stop reading the reviews and start reading Casanova LLC. I highly recommend blocking off 8-9 hours of your life to just sink into the decadent story and luxe performances.

Truthfully? Had Julia Whelan's name not been attached to this, I would've skipped it because it's not my usual "flavor" in the romance genre. What a monumentally stupid choice that would've been- I have a feeling Casanova LLC will land in my top three 2024 reads.

Is it hot? OMG, yes. Spicy? Good freaking lord, yes. Impeccably narrated? ALSO YES.

That said: it's funny, emotional, touching, and the story (even if you take out the spicy bits), is stunning and remarkably effective.

Unclear on what I was expecting from this book but, guys, it's Julia Whelan. I should've known better than to expect anything less than perfection.

Buy. It. So worth it and I love knowing that my money is going to the people brought this book to life.

Jenny Wirl

Such a great idea from Julia Whelan, turning the “book within a book” from Thank You For Listening into a full book/series! I had to buy the fast track option because I didn’t want to wait for a new episode each week. I listened to it straight though over a couple days, and thought the story was really good, the chemistry between Claire & Alessandro was 🔥, & I loved the uncle! Well done, Julia!

Lindsey LaValle

It makese so happy that this book came out on this platform. As if Julia's writing weren't so great on its own, to hear it presented by these two narrators simultaneously, with their laughter and expressions overlapping, was such a joy. The book's content was so well done and their performances perfect for it. I love the opportunity to hear them interact in real conversation - and other things - and I can't wait to hear what's next for Audiobrary.

Kate Reingold

I can't get enough of this story, and the narrators!! This is truly a next-level audiobook experience. I've listened to each episode multiple times, and eagerly await the new episode each week :)

Anne Devine
Where Julia Leads, I'll follow.

Loving this!