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The CALIBA award-winning, Goodreads Choice Award nominee, and Best of 2022 pick at NPR, Audible, and Amazon, Julia Whelan’s bestselling Thank You For Listening takes you inside the world of audiobooks while uncovering secret identities, family struggles, laugh-out-loud humor, acceptance of the unacceptable, and the existence of true love. Two narrators, who don’t believe what Romance novels are selling, find themselves falling for each other… while recording a Romance. And not just any Romance: the final novel from industry icon, June French, who, we discover, had an ulterior motive for wanting these two particular narrators to tackle this book together. And that book? It’s Casanova LLC, which, due to fan demand, Whelan has also written.

From the author of My Oxford Year, Julia Whelan’s uplifting novel tells the story of a former actress turned successful audiobook narrator—who has lost sight of her dreams after a tragic accident—and her journey of self-discovery, love, and acceptance when she agrees to narrate one last romance novel.

For Sewanee Chester, being an audiobook narrator is a long way from her old dreams, but the days of being a star on film sets are long behind her. She’s found success and satisfaction from the inside of a sound booth and it allows her to care for her beloved, ailing grandmother. When she arrives in Las Vegas last-minute for a book convention, Sewanee unexpectedly spends a whirlwind night with a charming stranger. 

On her return home, Sewanee discovers one of the world’s most beloved romance novelists wanted her to perform her last book — with Brock McNight, the industry’s hottest, most secretive voice.

Sewanee doesn’t buy what romance novels are selling— not after her own dreams were tragically cut short — and she stopped narrating them years ago. But her admiration of the late author, and the opportunity to get her grandmother more help, makes her decision for her. 

As Sewanee begins work on the book, resurrecting her old romance pseudonym, she and Brock forge a real connection, hidden behind the comfort of anonymity. Soon, she is dreaming again, but secrets are revealed, and the realities of life come crashing down around her once more.

If she can learn to risk everything for desires she has long buried, she will discover a world of intimacy and acceptance she never believed would be hers.

"Starred reviews from Kirkus and Booklist"

"A Best of the Year pick at Audible, Amazon, and NPR."

"Goodreads Choice nominee"

"One of AudioFile Magazine's Best Audiobooks of 2022"

"Winner of the Golden Poppy Award for Romance"

“A perfectly intoxicating delight! Thank You for Listening is a witty, clever, and open-hearted love story full of delicious twists on all your favorite romance tropes. Julia Whelan has already proven
herself to be a singular, wry voice in fiction but with Thank You for Listening, she has something truly special: a story so remarkable and original that only she could write it. A must-read for anyone who loves a
good love story.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid
New York Times bestselling author

Thank You for Listening is one of the funniest, most
clever, sexiest, and most deliciously complex love stories I’ve read in years. The dialogue is electric. The chemistry, both intellectual and physical, is palpable. The characters are singularly unforgettable. I can’t remember the last time I was this jealous of a writer’s talent. I wanted to bask in this book, and I also wished I’d written it. Julia Whelan’s been my favorite audiobook narrator for years. Now she is one of my all-time favorite authors.”

Emily Henry
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Book Lovers

“Wickedly funny, tearfully poignant, hopelessly romantic, witty and sexy and important, plus a writer at the top of her game, and a peek behind the curtains of both Hollywood and how our beloved audiobooks are
created? This book is everything. Narrator and author Julia Whelan is a true talent and I is utterly unforgettable. A modern classic.”

J.T. Ellison
New York Times bestselling author of Her Dark Lies

“Playfully sexy and boundlessly charming, Thank You For Listening is a warm and wise tale of love and affection and a must-read for anyone who loves the sound of voices speaking into a microphone.”

Linda Holmes
New York Times bestselling author of Evvie Drake Starts Over

Thank You For Listening is a fascinating behind-the-scenes peek at the voice actors who bring love stories to life for the rest of us. Mix Julia Whelan’s storytelling ability and smart banter with a cynical romance audiobook narrator who won’t trust a happily ever after
and what do you get? Pure magic.”

Jodi Picoult
New York Times bestselling author of Wish You Were Here

“An absolutely exquisite story that made me laugh out loud, weep on multiple occasions, and stare off into the yonder wondering how Julia Whelan’s fabulous mind works. Thank You For Listening dissects,
analyzes, and reassembles the romance genre and all its tropes in a way that is not only brilliant, but managed to melt my cold, cold anti-HEA heart. God, what an electric read!”

Robinne Lee
Author of The Idea of You

“A fearless story! Unflinching, utterly addictive and gorgeously written! I wish I wrote this romance!”

Lauren Blakely
#1 New York Times bestseller

Thank You for Listening is a romcom with serious depth and a lot of heart. It’s witty, sharp, and not afraid to tackle some heavy themes, and a fascinating window into the world of audiobook narrating.
The magic so often happens when someone writes about a subject they know so well, and this book is the perfect illustration. What a cracking follow-up to My Oxford Year.”

Lizzy Dent
Author of The Summer Job

“A beautiful bright spot. With her flawless timing and vivid characters, Julia Whelan pays homage to the artistry of love stories. Thank You For Listening is a novel of great wisdom and depth, and it’s also sparkling, sexy, and fun. We are lucky readers to have this book.”

Allison Larkin
Author of The People We Keep

Thank You For Listening is a delight from start to finish. Julia Whelan takes readers behind the scenes of the audiobook world in this story of second acts and second chances that’s full of wit, heart, and humor. The characters felt so real I began to miss them the moment I turned the final page.”

Andrea Dunlop
Author of We Came Here to Forget

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Ivana Kuhar

I'm still listening to the audiobook and enjoying every second of it. I've read the book last year so I know how it ends. At the moment this is the best way to read it again, something I've wanted since I've finished reading it the first time. My next audiobook will have to be read by Julia Whelan. That's the way how I'll choose my audiobooks from now on.